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MISSION is a preclinical-stage immunotherapy biotech company founded in March 2017 developing novel immunotherapies to treat cancer.

We want to harness the immune system to target and kill cancer cells.


To address unmet medical needs, is developing its proprietary CAR T-cell platform effective against both hematological cancers and solid tumors regardless of the type of previous treatments patients have experienced.



The lentivector - encoding for the Chimeric Antigen Receptor - is coated with a polymeric envelope. The anti-CD3 targeting moiety grafted at the surface of the polymer directs the synthetic vector towards the T-cells.'s in vivo technology does not require costly dedicated manufacturing sites to produce modified T-cells in contrast to approved ex vivo CAR T-cell therapies.


The genetic modification to express the CAR is directly generated in the patient.

“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today” 


CAR-T & BEYOND's CAR-T platform, represents a welcomed advantage over current recently approved ex vivo CAR-T therapies turning them into more effective, more universal, and safer treatments.

The encapsulation technology goes way beyond CAR-T, and includes gene therapy applications.


Thanks to the technology (a synthetic gene delivery platform), one can target any kind of cells as long as you can identify or screen for the corresponding specific receptor.


TEAM is led by three founders with complementary experience and skills, with the common ambition of revolutionizing medicine through developing cutting-edge gene therapy-based treatments



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